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Mystery Juice Chords

I don't know if this is actually how it's played, but it sounds good enough for me.

* * * * * * The first verse is played by hitting single notes (such as with a bass or
the E string on a guitar), the other verses strum.* * * * * *

A      B        C#    E   A
She won't speak to me
   B        C#
Won't speak
 C           G                   F  E  E
And it's all my own fault

A                                 B      A
Baby, I'm afraid to let you know
C                                                     A
They stole the show and towed the rowboat
B             A
Though slow
C                                          B
We're on the go like rabbits in the snow

F    E    A

A                                  B    A
Baby, I'm a lonely kind of man
C                                A
A rapper with a forty in his hand
B           A
I can't stand
C                                       B
When you talk about that other man

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F    E    A

A                                  B    A
Every day I watch the TV shows
C                                      A
It's getting so I know the shows hosts
B          A
I don't boast
C                                    B
Maybe I should try and make the most

F    E    A

A                                             B      A
I'm always biting more than I can chew
C                                              A
To loose the blues I choose to flew the coop
B         A
Who knew?
C                                    B
Is it news that you were out the loop?

F    E    A    G

F    E    A    G

F    E    A    G


A                                     B      A
Dreaming is a singing of the mind
C                                    A
And taste is like seeing to the blind