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Falling Is Easy Tab


capo 2nd fret

fingerpick it throughout until chorus



--0---0---     ----0---0---     ---0---0---     ---0---0-----2---2---|
---0---0--     -----0---0--     ----0---0--     ----0---0-----0---0--|
----0---0-     ------0---0-     -----0---0-     -----0---0-----0---0-|
2--------- x2  -0---------- x2  ----------- x2  ---------------------|
----------     ------------     -3---------     -2---------2---------|
----------     ------------     -----------     ---------------------| all x2

Shadows of the clouds drift across the ground,
And I'm wondering if you're looking up at me.
Falling is easy when you haven't got the time,
for terminal velocity

Pre Chorus
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D          Am
Holding my breath,
Is something I did best,
You should see the depths I've been.
D              Am
Half scared to death,
The other half such a mess,
                   Bm      B7  B7sus4
This morning I was clean.


     E Esus4 E             Am   B   Cm
It's su--------uch, such a long way down,
Cm  B    Am  E Esus4 E
Now that I'm falling,
                 D Dsus2 D
When I should be hanging round.
         A Asus2 A
What did they do wrong?
         Am7     Am7* (3rd fret 1st string)
When you look up high,
         Am7     Am7*
You look up to the sky,
                  E Esus4 E
Just ask yourself why,
              D      E
You're waving goodbye.

Repeat intro riff

Verse 2

Lately I have found,
Forever looking down,
Is going to be the death of me.


play with the E and D chords ending on E