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I Sing I Swim Chords

Seabear - I Sing I Swim - putty

This is a great song and very easy to play along with, listen to the timing of the song, 
once you get better try mixing it up and picking instead of strumming! Have Fun! (Watch 
Banzai! Fighters! After! Midnight!)

Capo 5

G          D
When the birds are sleeping
Em                      C
That's when the trees sing
G               D
You left your winter clothes,
          Em                 C
And your teeth marks in my skin

G                     D
So shake the leaves, off the trees,
Em                C
Watch them float down the stream
G                 D
Your son, your daughter
Em                C
Swimming in the water

 G D Em C

G            D        Em            C
And I miss you, even when you're around
G             D
I'm a black cloud,
           Em              C
Sending lightning to the ground

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G                 D             Em
So darling please, show your teeth
                C                 G
Just one more dance to help me sleep
Whirl, cold water eyes
Em                    C
Fill the past with friendly nights
G            D
Human skin, can be hard to live in
 Em               C              G
You'll feel better in the morning
D            Em             C       G
Wash your hands in the lake
D              Em              C
You've got a heart, some way


G           D
Trails lost in the snow
Em           C                  G
Make way for winter's eerie glow
And that black rock in your bedroom
Em               C
I hope you'll climb it soon
G               D
In your boat, tied to a tree
Em             C
I hope you'll find the sea

G D Em C

G                         D
Throw me a dream please, it's been a dreamless sleep
Em                     C
For such a long time, such a long time
Sing myself awake
Watch the branches break
Em             C              G       D
No one could ever take your place
           Em           C        G        D
Wash your face in the lake
            Em               C     G  D  Em 
You've got a diamond under your skin