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From: (ve9yn)
Date: Wed, 31 Jul 1996 12:01:50 -0300

Psychiatrist by Screeching Weasel
Written by Ben Weasel (what a great guy)
>From the album 'Boogadaboogadaboogada'
Tabbed by Andrew Barthe (

Listen to album for chord changes

Intro-Sorry, I couldn't tab it...believe me, I tried...I'm not good with leads.
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Johnny got upset and drank a bottle of seabreeze
D                                        A
Mommy figured out that he wasn't to happy
The family looks nice but they're rotting inside
D                                            A
They all hate each other but nobody knows why
So they go to the shrink he says, "you're very nice people
D                                            A
But Johnny causes pain and negative feelings.
He really needs help" and then mommy starts crying
D                                                             A
"But if you give me your cheque book we can hospitalize him."

E                            D
Made dependent on your doctor for your mental hell
A       B       A   B
E                    D
The Ritulin pills are gonna make you well
A       B       A   B
E               D
6 weeks of Bliss, you're emotional fix
A       B       A   B
E                               D
Then give daddy your bill for your therapy swill
A       B       A   B

Little lead like the intro...


Your doc is your srug he's got your medication
He gets thorugh to you better when you're under sedation
Something from your past that he won't let relax
You wish that you're dead but he makes the time last
So you sit in the day room and watch a TV
You're never alone, under close scrutiny
Don't cause any problems, you'll end up on your back
Chock full of thorazine and trapped like a rat

Repeat chorus(3 times daily)

ANy questions or comments or corrections...or if you figure out the
intro..please e-mail me at Take 'er S VE EASY.