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Bottom Of The 9th Chords

"Bottom of the 9th"
 Screeching Weasel

You've gotta have love in your heart
D                                  A
And you've gotta have pain in your life 
And you've gotta have some vision and 
D                              E
Confusion for some peace of mind

You've gotta respect what you can't control 
D                                      A
'Cause you'll never even get to second base 
When you're on your ass
G                                    D
'Cause you got brushed back when you crowded the plate
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You've gotta know when you're all fucked up
D                                       A
And when you're running a cheap game on yourself 
A                                  D                              E
'Cause you're only gonna make life miserable for you and everyone else

If you wanna get into a zone 
D                                         A
You're gonna have to take risks on either side 
'Cause there's nothing worse than getting called 
G                        D
Out looking at the third strike 
With two outs in the bottom of the ninth

A                G           D
You've gotta live your life