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Around On You Chords

Band: Screeching Weasel
Song: Around on You
Album: Kill The Musicians
Tabber: Manndreas


C                              F
you think you've got something over
C                     G
some kinda thing over me
C                                         F                  
well there's gonna come a time when i can leave it all behind
         G                       C       
if you'd open up your eyes you'd see
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that doing all the stupid,
    C                      G
the stupid things that you do
              C                            F            
means there's gonna come a day when you're gonna fade away
         G                    C
and it's gonna come around on you

F                G  
 you'll be crying slowly dying
C                                 Am
when the day comes creeping up on you
F                                               G
there will be a day when you won't believe it's true

                              C F G
it's gonna come around on you