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No One Knows Chords

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From: (Lance Newhart)
Subject: CRD: Screaming Trees-NO ONE KNOWS

Due to the scarcity of Screaming Trees songs out there, I decided
that my first contribution to the archive should be just that.

For NO ONE KNOWS, there are only 3 chords throughout the song,
played over various fills and drums and bass in the back, but I
always liked playing this one with just an acoustic (and a harp
if you've got it!).  Anyway, I've presented two ways to play the
F and G chords, but I prefer the first example of both because it
allows you to play the song with minimal finger movement.  These
are probably the less popular versions of the chord (although not
more difficult), so if you're not used to them, give it a shot. 
It's really smooth that way.  I also included that little
intro that they put before the chorus and each verse.  

This one's from memory with out a guitar present, so if I screwed
up, please let me know so I can fix it.  Thanks in advance. 
Gotta love these guy's music.  Stay tuned for more...
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Lance Newhart, Austin, TX.

   F   or   F   |    C   |   G    or   G       
=X====   ====== | ====== | ======   ======   
T|||11   1|||11 | ||||1| | ||||||   ||||||
|||2||   |||2|| | ||2||| | |2||||   |1||||
||3|||   |34||| | |3|||| | 3||||4   2||||3

Playing order throughout song:  F C G

Intro fill (played as intro to verses and chorus):

             F  C  G

Screaming Trees:  No One Knows

Verse I
Don't turn away, you haven't yet awakened
Why don't you stay, remember what you said
10,000 miles and everyone's mistaken
Look where you've been, where every woman's wasted

All the while you were sleeping, 
Drifting where the wind never goes
Tomorrow you'll wake up achin'
Wonderin' how when no one really knows

Verse II
Don't speak the word of all that you've been savin'
If there is a time, then you should let it go
Into the fire and bring back all you've taken
Once more alone you'll never let it show

Repeat Chorus

Now what've I done wrong
Why don't you tell me what've I done wrong
Babe tell me what've I done wrong
Why don't you tell me, tell me, tell me

Repeat Verse I

Repeat Chorus

Repeat Bridge