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Change Has Come Chords

Change has come
 screaming trees
 A great song by a much over looked band early in its existance

Intro- F-Bm-G-E all major barre chords
play it fast,sloppy and hard

Use an alterative picking for verse:


F	E	F	 E       F       E  :||
Sleep awaits somewhere distant that I miss

Nights fade but there's one I won't forget

Light another cigarette and just wait

Wish for someone to take me away
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Flames well up deep inside
Change has come and
C      B       G  into intro
You can't hide in the ashes

One touch leaves a mark upon the hand
Alone with thoughts I can't understand
Roaming down the side-walk I'm in hell
Words come rushing back as clear as a bell

Repeat chorus

Sleep awaits somewhere distant that I miss
Hope sleep comes fast there's a world to erase

Repeat chorus again and repeat intro hook over and over
With "you can't hide in the ashes" over and over till you
Decide to stop screaming