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Artist: Screaming Trees
Song: All I Know
Album: Dust
Transcribed by: Rob Albrets

This is part of "All I Know" by the Screaming Trees

Intro: A  C  G  D

Verse #1:

A               C                      G         D
Bite the thorn that pierce the skin(?!)
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A              C                 G              D
Come back down to earth again

A               C                  G           D
The cold is creep(?!) and deep inside  (Inside)

A             C                G            D
Disconnect the telephone lines (lines)

That's pretty much the verses, except when the guitarist goes off
into his little "solos" throughout the song

I'm not sure about this part:

A               G
For all that I know

D                G         A
shoulda been coulda been mine

After that, it goes into A-C-G-D again

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