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30 Century Man Chords

here's the chords for Jigsaw seen's cover version of scott walkers
 "30 Century Man"
most people will recognise this song as the song at the end of Futurama's 
feature length episode "Bender's Big Score" when Fry realises he is Lars.
It's beautiful song

30 Century Man

intro: D C, D C x2

A                  G          D
see the dwarfs and see the giants 
C                   D            C
which one would you choose to be
A               G         D
if you cant get that together
C                 D          C
here's the answer here's key
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you can freeze
       G          D
like a 30 century man
       C          D
like a 30 century man
       C          D        C

     A                   G              D
i'll save my breathe and take it with me
C               D                 C
till a hundred years years or so
A                  G              D
shame you won't be there to see me
C                  D              C
shaking hands with Charles De Gaul
        A         G                 D
play it cool and seran wrap all you can
     C          D        C
be a 30 century man

chorus x2

fade out with:
       C          D
like a 30 century man
       C          D
like a 30 century man

tabbed by: James Bingham
Thanks rate up (it's my first tab) :)