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Artist           : Scott Stapp
Song             : Surround Me
Album            : The Great Divide
Chords&Lyrics By : Brandon Philip Llapitan
E-mail           :
Age              : 15 Yrs old

Chors used       :
  A   D  F#m  E      E
e-0-|-0-|-0-|-0-|  |-0-|
b-0-|-3-|-0-|-0-|  |-0-|
d-2-|-0-|-4-|-9-|  |-6-|
a-0-|---|-4-|-7-|  |-7-|
E---|---|-2-|---|  |---|

Verse 1: (A-D-F#m-E)
Chorus : (A-D-F#m-E)
Verse 2: (A-D-F#m-E) 

***Thatís it! A Great song of scott stapp from his album the great divide!plz rate this!tnx!***