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Lighthouse Keeper Chords

Scott Copeland
Dig Your Deal

OK No one realizes or cares to tab out lighthouse keeper as a scott copeland song. Cross
Ragweed recorded Scotts song. the chords and intro are the same. the producer is the
as well (mike mcclure) ok no one seems to know the intro.. scott plays rythem. his band 
more acoustic now with the intro different. if i can get him to pick at it i will have
intro to perfection for everyone who has been requesting it. if not ill get you the 
to go from... use your ears. if you tabbed the song, w the chords used you will be able to.. 
mike just went solo w out having fingerpicked w chords i myself will listen to it 
and figure it out...

now this may not be %100 accurate but im going to have scott go through and chart the
out with the song. when he has i will repost and inform that it is straight from the
himself. i will also repost as the cross canadian ragweed version so you all can have it 
perfect form.

Chords Used

Am  C  G  Asus2 (not sure if that is the correct name but it is the same as the Am but
your finger on the B string) and F

Capo 4th fret
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A longhaired man came to my door
Wearin' roman sandles carryin' a golden sword
        G                             Am  Asus2
He said come with me and I'll take ya higher
We soared out of the atmosphere
On his magic carpet he let me steer
        G                                  Am
He said take the reins son and I'll let ya fly'er
We escalated through a thick of clouds
And our only thought was not comin' down
Towards the amber glow
                      Am  Asus2
I started to feel the fire
There was a unicorn with a neon horn
Wearin' a velvet saddle that was slightly worn
  G                              Am  Asus2
I pulled my mystic rug right up beside'er
I sat down on a floatin' stool
She knelt her head and produce a jewel
      G                           Am  Asus2 Am
And I smiled and asked if I could ride'er


F     G                  Am Asus2 Am
And I saw the Lighthouse Keeper
F          G                    Am  Asus2 Am
His hollow eyes that pierced my soul
F            G                   Am  Asus2 Am
He said that Im just a desperate seeker
C             G              Am
Searching for what I did not know

On a Pegasus I was flying free
careless lost over a purple sea
G                                         Am  Asus2
When I came across this lonesome fortune teller
She gazed into her crystal ball
And I saw that giant gavel fall
G                                Am  Asus2
She asked if I could be her pall bearer
And I heard that gypsy prophesy
Of the tearin' flesh and a mother's cry
G                                             Am  Asus2
and the crimson flow of blood that would run forever
We stood before the kings and queens
And the hood man with the guillotine
G                                    Am  Asus2
And prepared to me the eternal tax collector
Then I dined down there with an aristocrat
On his balcony with a welcome mat
G						   Am  Asus2 Am
And he laughed and drank all the wine from his cellar


During the Solo at the end play this 3 times
Am  C  G  Am Asus2
Am  C  G  Am Asus2
Am  F  G  Am Asus2
Am  F  G  Am Asus2
Am  F  G  Am Asus2
Am  C  G  Am