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U R My Son Tab

Scarecrow and Tinmen, "U R My Son"
Album: Technofolk Road 

Intro: D (4) Gsus (4) x2
 Verse: D (4) G (4) x4

 Pre Chorus: Bm (4) Bm (4) D (4) G (4) D (4) G (4) x1

 Chorus: D (2) G (2) Em (20 A (2) x4
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 After chorus: D (2) G (2) D (2) A (2) x1

 Then play verse, pre chorus, then chorus again, and repeat chorus once more

 This is my first time writing out a tab, so I hope its all right,
and I hope it is easy to understand. If there any qestions, email me
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