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Me Myself And I Chords

Title: Me Myself & I
Artist:	Scandal'us
Album: Startin' Somethin

There's some different forms of chords that you may already know
but they're played like this. Make sure you check how they're played

Chords:	Cm	x35543		G#	466544
	G	355433		Fm	133111
	Eb	x68886		Abmaj7	4x554x
	D	x57775		Bb	x13331
	Gm7	3x333x		Fm7	1x111x
	Bdim	8x787x		C#m	x46654
	F#m	244222		E	x79997
	Cm7	x35343

Intro: |Cm G Eb Cm |G G G# G |

Verse:	|Cm	|G	|G	|Eb Cm	|

	|Cm	|Fm	|D	|G	|

	|Cm	|G	|G	|Cm	|

	|Cm	|Fm	|Cm G G# G | G# G G# G G# G G# G|

Verse 1:
	You're so sexy, talking smooth
	Have no idea that you're gonna lose (No)
	The game you're playing with my mind, not kind
	I said, why do you treat me like that (No)
	Come tomorrow baby, Stay all night
	I wanna see it all, so don't turn out the lights
	Boy, you're in for a big surprise, ain't gonna be nice

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Chorus:	|Cm	|G	|G	|Cm	|

	|Cm	|Fm	|Cm G Eb Cm|G G G G|

	I'm gonna blow everything you know about
	Me myself and I
	I'm gonna break really gonna shake your world
	Turn it upside down
	I'm gonna make sure that you're on the floor
	When the cops all come around
	No you won't survive Me myself and I

Verse 2:
	I'm not crazy, I'm just fine
	You might think I'm way out of line
	Talking to myself and in my sleep
	Baby you've hurt me deeper than deep
	I can't tell you, No I can't say
	I just know I don't wanna be treated this way
	Baby you were doin' just fine
	Then you started playing with my mind

Bridge:	|Abmaj7	|Bb	|Gm7	|Cm7	|

	|Fm7	|Gm7	|Abmaj7	|Bb Bdim|

	What I'm about to do, is still in my mind
	Will I have the courage, will I find
	The strength to carry on, to respect my needs
	Not to take you back everytime you say forgive me

After the bridge there is a key change. All the chords are moved up one fret.

Chorus: (key Changed) |C#m	|G#	|G#	|C#m	|

		      |C#m	|F#m	|C#m G# E C#m |G# G# G# G# |

Play Chorus (key changed) x2

End with C#m