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Its a  mess(sry), some of it. But if you want it perfect I can mail it to you, just add me:

                            G              D        G                        G
Please tell me why do birds sing when your near me
  G                        D          A
sing when your close to me
                           G       D                 G                 D
They say that I’m a fool for loving you deeply
     G               D       A
loving you secretly
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            Em                   C               D                     Em
But I crash in my mind when-ever you are near
               Em                          C                         D               Em
Getting deaf, dumb and blind - just drowning in dis-pair
         Em    C                       D                    Em
I am lost in your flame – it’s burning like a sun
            Em     C                    D                     A
And I call out your name when-ever you are gone

Please tell me why cant I
Breathe when your near me
Breathe when your clo-se to me
I know you know Im lost
For loving you de-eply
Loving you secret-ly (secretly)


        A                                      Em
To-morrow - I’ll tell it all to-morrow
Or the day after to-morrow
I’m sure I’ll tell you then

Gitar solo, samme akkorder som i ref

           D                     A
The moment you are gone