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Old Photographs Chords

 C     Am                   C        
I've been lettin' all my friends
          Am                F    
Take my mind off all the troubles
F                  C              Am
They've all been glad to help me out
for a while
          Am           C        
But your memory steps in and I'm
Am                 F
turnin' back the pages
F                       C          
Lookin' through old photographs and
G                     C
tryin' to find your smile
Am           C               Am
~Old photographs bring back sweet
C                               G
Lookin' at the way I held you then
F            C    Am                F
Old phtotgraphs keep you here with me
         C              Am         
'Til I find a way to get back in the
  G        C
picture again~
  F                 C           Am
Somethings never change as the years
go on between us
F             C              Am
Like all my love for you still feels
the same
F                 C           Am    
All those yesterdays that I wanted to
F                        C   G
Are sittin' here beside me where
these old pictures lay
Repeat Chorus
F       C               Am
'Til I find a way to get back in the
   G       C
picture again

This is not the exact way to play this song, but it works. I could never find the chords
anywhere to this song so I had to do it myself. Plus SB is one of the greatest bands I
have ever known~crowAngel.
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