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Daylights Wasting Chords

Title:  Daylight's Wasting
Artist:  Savoy
Music and Lyrics:  Lauren and Paul Waaktaar-Savoy

This is pretty close I think but amendments and corrections are always welcome.

(Em  G		x2)

Bm	                  G 
Washington Square's right up the street.

Em 	                  F#m7
That was the place where we would meet.

Outside the dog run don't be late,

G	                  Bm
most of the time I'd sit and wait

looking at people pass me by.

Em	                  F#m7
A customer's bagging his supply.

Just when you thought she wouldn't show
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G	                       Bm					                 Em	G
there she comes running, don't you know

			                Em	G
Daylight's wasting

     Em	G

		          Em	       G	
And I can taste it

	            Bm                    (Em	G 	x2)
as it falls from the sky

I had a band of certain fame,
the Brownstone Walk-Ups was our name.
The singer was fair but got it wrong,
he never did justice to my songs.
He did for me and that's a fact
when he went and stabbed me in the back.
So I've gotta do now, don't you know,
what I should've done five years ago.

Daylight's wasting
And I can taste it
as it falls from the sky