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Living Without Love Chords

Saves The Day
Living Without Love
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Key: Eb

Tuning: Standard EADGBe

Chords used:
Eb     x68886
Bb     x13331
Cm     x35543
G#     466544
G      320033
G/B    x2x003
G#m    466444
EbM7   x68786
Bb7    x13131

Verse 1:
Eb      Bb
Take my hands let me 
        G#    EbM7
see you rise again
  Cm       G
I know you say we don't 
       G#           Bb7
have a chance to be saved

Refrain 1:
      Cm         G/B
We're lost we're torn
   Bb         G#
we praise we scorn
We're stuck and 
       G/B         Bb
we'll stay the same

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Verse 2:
Eb      Bb
All you say is you are
        G#     EbM7
not the one to blame
    Cm        G
The paths the pain all
          G#     Bb7
indeed it once became

Refrain 2:
    Cm      G/B
Too much to hold
    Bb       G#
too dark too cold
    Cm        G/B
You lost your way
that's all

   Living without you
   living without love
   Is it the
life that I need?
   No more tomorrow
   no morning sorrow
Bb                    G#m
   Now it's all up to me

Guitar Solo: Eb Bb G# EbM7 Cm G G# Bb7 

Refrain 3:
  Cm       G/B
I Feel the rain
       Bb      G#
as you turn my way
You say it's
G/B   Bb
not a waste

(Repeat Chorus)

Outro: Eb Bb Eb(hold)