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Watching You Fall Chords

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Date: Mon, 05 Jan 1998 23:24:04 -0800 (PST)
Subject: CRD: Watching you Fall (Savatage)

transcribed by:                                          written by:
Brian Pastor                                     J. Oliva, C. Oliva, P.O'neil                                        from the album:
                                                        Handful Of Rain

                          Watching You Fall

  Piano:  The left hand is playing an ocative bass. F to a higher F &
          G to a higher G.  Roll them quickly.

      The right hand is playing  Gm to F. You start the Gm chord one
      beat after you play the higher G in the bass. Follow this pattern
      through all 3 verses.

   Verse 1  ( Gm to F )

       There in the dark there's a child and she's waiting.
       Lost in the maze of a fait accomoli.
       Is it a crime to be just hesitating?
       While were pretending that we never see.

            (The song builds up in Gm)

       Cm     Gm       Gm  Cm      Cm/Ab            Bb
       On     a        T---V      mounted  on the  wall.

       Cm     Gm    Gm     Cm     Cm/Ab          Bb
       From   this  dista--nce     I can see it  all.

             Cm   Gm    Gm   Cm      Ab               Bb            Cm
       And  I've  been  out  here.   Watching you     Watching you  fall.

[ Tab from: ]
Okay all you piano Dudes and Dudettes....When it hits Cm your fill
is based on these chords. Keep a C sustained for the bass note
throughout pattern:

                        Cm   Gm   Fm   Eb

 Here are the actual notes in the scale: I broke them down into four groups
 to make it easier.

         Eb  C  G  C /  D  Bb  G  Bb /  C  Ab  F  Ab /  Bb G Eb /

                       Verse 2  (Gm to F)

         Is there a trick to the art of not feeling.
         Safe in our world while another's child bleeds.
         Praying that GOD won't demand a redealing.
         Of the cards we have held and pretened you don't need.

            (Repeat bridge and chorus from above)

  Dm                A/C#                C                 G/B
     Better not to  think  about it.   And in time we'll start to doubt it.

      Bb                 C                 Dm                   C
      Christ has risen.  Keep him hidden.  God forbid He sees.

  Dm                    A/C#                  C          G/B
      It's not that we  lack  the vision.    Only just a quick decision.

    Bb                    C                   Dm                    C
    Who will blame us?    Rules restrain us.  It's all in  History.

                (guitar solo is rhythm is  Gm  to Dm)

                   Verse 3  (Gm to F)

       So close my eyes and pretened I am sleeping.
       Avoiding the chance that you'll visit my dreams.

            (Repeat the bridge and chorus)

   Ab               Bb              Ab             Bb
   Watching you     Watching you    Watching you   Watching you  etc..

                Fall     Piano riff....(end in Cm)