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Lover After Me Bass Tab

(Savage Garden)

Asterisks (*) indicate a solo is there--check the bottom for the corresponding
 solo tab.
If I've tabbed out a solo, sometimes next to it will be the note translations
 {in curly brackets} so that people with other instuments can play it also.

intro: G  Bm  C2   Cmaj7/D  C6 (x3)

G                          Bm                 C2                 Cmaj7/D C6
here i go again i promised myself i wouldn't think of you today
                G                   Bm
it's been seven months and counting you've moved on
        C2                    Cmaj7/D C6
i still feel exactly the same
               G                       Bm
it's just that everywhere i go all the buildings know your name
    C2                               Cmaj7/D C6  G                           Bm
like photographs and memories of love            steel and granite reminders
                    C2                        C  D
the city calls your name and i can't move on

    C2                           D
     ever since you've been gone  the lights go out the same
    C                       D
     the only difference is   you call another name
    C                     D
     to your love to your lover now
    C2           *
     to your love the lover after me

G  Bm  C2   Cmaj7/D  C6
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G                     Bm                  C2                    Cmaj7/D C6
am i all alone in the universe there's no love on these streets
       G                    Bm                C2              Cmaj7/D C6
i have given mine away to a world that didn't want it anyway
    G                      Bm
so this is my new freedom
           C2                               Cmaj7/D C6
it's funny i don't remember being chained
     G                             Bm
but nothing seems to make sense anymore
            C                         C      D
without you i'm always twenty minutes late


**C D                     C      D                         C
      and time goes by so slowly   the nights are cold and lonely
               D                        C
i shouldn't be holding on but i'm still holding on for you

solo: (x2)
e|-------------------------0-3-5------------------------- }   {note translation-}
B|---1-3------------1-3--3--------|   { G C D; G A A B;-- }
G|-0-----0-2-2-4--0---------------|   { G C D; D E G A -- }
D|------------------------------------------------------- }

G  Bm  C2   Cmaj7/D  C6

G                          Bm                C
here i go again i promised myself i wouldn't think of you today
        G                         Bm
but i'm standing at your doorway
i'm calling out your name because i can't move on

(chorus twice)

G  Bm  C2  Cmaj7/D  C6  G

e|----3-7-3-2-5v------------------------ }   {note translation-}
B|--3------------|   { D G B; G F# A  -- }
G|-------------------------------------- }
D|-------------------------------------- }

**Bridge solo:

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