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Crash And Burn Tab

Savage Garden - Crash and Burn
 Live Concert Version - Intro
     Tabbed by -Terry Kok   

I've not seen the correct intro tabs for Crash and Burn except the rhythm tabs so I decided to improvise my own style of playing the "picking" intro based on the live version Daniel Jones played during their tour. It's basically a series of power chord picks btu you can bar the first finger of the power chord to give it that "swoosh" effect when you slide the chord shape around the fretboard. Here's how the intro goes...

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 E5   - 099700
 C#5  - 066400
 B5   - 044200
 Asus - 002200


All chords except Asus

The Asus chord


E5, B5, C#5, Asus

If you listen to the rest of the song (pref. instrumental version) with a good pair of headphones, you should be able to work out the chorus rhythm (strumming the chords). Listen for the one strum every four beats.

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