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Crash And Burn Chords

Savage Garden, Crash and Burn (correct).
 Tabbed by Daniel Rosas,


 E5, B5, C#5, Asus. (2x)

 Verse 1 and 2:

 E5, B5, C#5, Asus. 


 C#5, Asus, B5
 C#5, D, Asus.


 E5, B5, Asus
 E5, C#5, B5. (2x)

 Middle 8:

 C#5, Asus, B5
 C#5, D, Asus.
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 There are one chord that he play in the chorus, is Dsus2 and D, in the fourth \"traste\". I supose you heard that, and sorry because I´m from Mexico. Now I´m going to write the chords.

 E5: 099700
 C#5: 066400
 B5: 044200
 Asus: 002200
 D: 000232
 Dsus2: 000233

 Note: The chord in the chorus is played in a little moment, but in all the chorus.

 Saludos desde México. Daniel Rosas Rodríguez.

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 Thank you 
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