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Hey, i've thought about tabbing this song for a while, since there are no Saturday Looks 
to Me tabs out there. The song is pretty simple and I think the tab is quite correct, enjoy!

(Chords used)
A  : x02220
F#m: 244222
F# : 244322
A  : 577655
G# : 477655
G  : 355433

This simple A-pattern is used in some of the verses:

Intro: (A  F#m  x4)

           A                F#m             A                F#m
Beside the drum kit in the basement, I was trying to get to sleep
             A                      F#m           A(Picking)   F#m   
I heard your voice come through the floorboards on my answering machine
      A                   F#m          A(picking)            F#m         A
By the time I reached the phone’s ring, the only thing still singing was the             
dial   tone

(A   F#m x3)

I couldn’t find you in my dreams so I went out into the night
I heard you talking somewhere soft, your voice bounced of a satellite
By the time I reached the place where the sound originated you were gone

(A  F#m x3)
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Oh but I smell summer in those letters that you sprayed with your perfume
I breathed your breath and I was left swaying with the curtains in the room
In the knowledge you would leave me under the angry April moon
Where you first found me

(A  F#m x7)

You’ve got one too many lovers but you’re still my only friend
And you’ve got more secret admirers and there are snakes in the garden
By the time you finish kissing, huh, whoever’s come around hissing
You are spitting out poison

(A  F#m x3)

Oh and all the people have their reasons
for the things they think they have to do
But none of the reasons you keep speaking sounded anything like the truth
Well, each one sounds like a composite each one sounds like a new excuse for letting go

(A  F#m x3)

Oh, alright

So, let go
If all that’s left is letting go
F#                          A
As the x-ray clearly shows this thing was broken long ago
F#m                          A
The bars will close and the ashtrays overflow

(Strum F#m, then slide to the barred A (577655) and strum)


(Right before the last verse begins you hit the chords A (on 5th), G# (on 4th), G (on 
and F#m one time each)

I won’t be there on Thursday night but I hope you all have fun
And you know that you may not recognize my absence, but I won’t be the only one
that goes missing from your party as the stitches come undone, uh-oh-uh

Outro: A  F#m x5

(This is my first tab, please rate it!)