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My dad and I figured this out from looking at a version we found that didn't use a Capo.
However, it is obvious that Sarah uses a capo on the 3rd fret when she plays this song.
I'm sure it's not perfect, but it's close, and you can play with it if you want. But
it's a very good start. 



Time  here

All  but  means  nothing

        Em           G                  C
just  shadows  that  move  'cross  the  wall.

Em               G                           C          
They  keep  me   company,   but  they  don't  ask  of   me,

Em                G            C
they  don't  say  nothin'  at  alll.


D                      F
I  need  just   a   little  more  silence

D                       F
And  I  need  just  a  little  more  time


Em               G                  C         G
You  send  your  thieves  to   me,  silently  stalking  me

Em            G           C
dragging  me  into  your  war.
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                    Em               G                      C
Would  you  give  me  no  choice  in  this?  I   know  you  can't  resist,  

Em          G           C
trying  to  re-open  a  sore.


D        G          C              G
Leave  me  be,   I  don't  want  to argue

D                  G                 Am           D
I'd  just  get  confused,  and  I'd  come  all  undone

      D         G                   C           G
And   if  I   agreee,  well   it's  just  to  appease  you

       G             Em             C               G
Cause  I   don't  remember,  what  we're  fighting  for.


You   see  love, 
A  tight  thorny  thread  that  you  spin  in   a  circle  of  gold.
You  have  me  to  hold  me,  a  token  for  all  to  see
captured  to  be  yours  alone.

I need  just  a  little  more  silence
I  need  just a  little  more  time


The  courage  to pull  away
there  will  be  hell to  pay
The  deeper  you cut  to the bone



D,  Am
D, Am
D, Am
C,  C



End with:  G   Em   C   G  x2