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Building A Mystery Chords

Sarah Mclachlan
   "Building A Mystery"
   Of the Surfacing album
   Tabbed By: Roberta Zack
   *Sarah uses a capo on the first riff for this song, but these are the
   main chords*
   *Also Sarah adds little parts in between verse and chorus and switches
   some of it around, so I tried to make the song with all those little
   parts it sounds really neat that way* = )

   Intro: Finger pick these chords in the main intro, then the second time
   you strum, then when you go into the verse you can finger pick or
   Asus4-A-Asus4 Main intro: Bm G D6 A-Asus4-A 
   Bm G D A-Asus4-A

   Bm G 
   You come out at night
   D6 A-Asus4-A
   that's when the energy comes
   Bm G
   and the dark side's light
   D6 A-Asus4-A
   and the vampires roam
   Bm G
   you strut your rasta wear
   D6 A-Asus4-A
   and your suicide poem
   Bm G
   and a cross from a faith
   D6 A-Asus4-A
   that died before Jesus came
   E G Asus4-A-Asus4 E and G kinda fast, and then
   strum the A-Asus4-A fast>
   you're building a mystery

   Bm G D A-Asus4-A
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   Bm G
   You live in a church
   D6 A-Asus4-A
   where you sleep with voodoo dolls
   Bm G
   and you won't give up the search
   D6 A-Asus4-A
   for the ghosts in the halls
   Bm G
   you wear sandals in the snow
   D6 A-Asus4-A
   and a smile that won't wash away
   Bm G
   can you look out the window
   D6 A-Asus4-A
   without your shadow getting in the way
   oh you're so beautiful
   with an edge and a charm
   but so careful
   G Asus4-A-Asus4
   when I'm in your arms

   Bm G D (Or you can use D6 after D it sounds cool either way) 
   'Cause you're working
   building a mystery
   holding on and holding it in
   yeah you're working
   building a mystery
   and choosing so carefully

   Repeat first Verse.

   You woke up screaming aloud
   a prayer from your secret god
   you feed off our fears
   and hold back your tears

   Give us a tantrum
   and a know it all grin
   just when we need one
   when the evening's thin

   Oh you're a beautiful
   a beautiful fucked up man
   you're setting up your
   razor wire shrine.


   (Lead). G // A// G// A// Em////
   G// A// G// A// G// A// Em/// G// A//.

   Then repeat Chorus twice and end "your Building a Mystery.." with D6 A

   ~If you have any questions email me at, this
   is my first time tabbing out, and this song was kinda hard with all
   those little parts etc. I had to listen to it 6 times before I could
   get it right.~
   ~ I got an email from one of my friends saying they couldn't open the
   tab for this song so i thought I would send it again.~