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Goin Out Chords

Goin' Out.....Sarah Harmer.......tabbed by AVH
Intro: C, Amin, G

(verse 1)
C              Amin          G           F             C
When the days close on the memories that youíve acquired
C           Amin           G       F      C
And your body cannot hold your soul inspired
Amin         F        G
You are here and not alone
Amin      F        G
Everybody has come home
C         Amin         G     F
Thereís a bed made up upstairs
If you get tired

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(verse 2)
C        Amin             G            F     C
All the heaviness around you will get light
C         Amin        G        F      C
And your worry lifted up into the night
Amin      F            G
Left with nothing but pure love
       Amin          F     G
Left with all you are made of
C           Amin        G
Can I stay around awhile
   F             C
Is that all right?

Dmin            G
Oh lives donít end
Dmin         G              C      Amin          G
Goiní out to be brought back again
F                C
Our lives donít end

repeat verse 1
then end with chorus x 2