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Perfect Now Chords

I was looking for Sarah Blasko tabs and found that there was there
is. It's not a difficult song at all

Chords used

C    032010
Dm7  xx0211
Am7  x02010
F1   x03211
F2   133211
Am   x02210
C/B  x20010
Am/G 302210
F*   xx3020(don't know the name of this chord)
G    320033

INTRO: C Dm7 Am7 F1 x2

C                     Dm7
Everything is perfect now
I don't want to make a movement
                                      F1         C
I'm too scared to breathe, i might do something wrong
As you're sleeping silently
perfect beauty laid before me
                         F1         C   Dm7 Am7 F1
i feel every second is a lifetime long
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C                         Dm7
Here's a place i've been before
a place some say i should go more
                                  F1   C
but very journey just leads me so far away
When i just wanted to stay
                 Am7    F1
I just wanted to stay

So that's why
         F2                 C  C/B
I won't wake you where you lie
      Am        Am/G       F2
If i could now i'd freeze time
I can't find
        F        C   C/B
forever in your eyes
          Am          Am/G        F1  F*
i should leave you while they're dry

(C  Dm7  Am7 F1)
Living underneath this guilt
I can't leave the house that I have built
though i feel it sinking further everytime
And the weight of my mistakes
Means that everything i touch breaks
I don't want to see you as the next in line


Ending: C Dm7 Am7 F x2
        Dm7 G C F C
        Dm7 G C Dm7 Am7 F C

(listen to song for timing)

Happy playing,