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The hit solo Single 'Not insane' from ex-K'sChoice lead Singer Sarah Bettens
Her's her website:

Em    022000
C     032010
D     xxx232
B7    x21202
G4/F# 220033
C4    x32033
G4    320033


Em  C (4x)

    Em                            C                    
for every time you tell me that I can't be who I am
    Em                              C                    
for every time you twist my arm and get me to confess
    D               B7            
for every door you close on me
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(-same chord setout-)
for every boy or girl you turn your back to you will pay
the price of someday knowing that you think you tried
and yet you failed
to see that you can't change me

Em  C  Em  C


G4/Fis    C4         
I told myself today
      G4             D            
it's pretty nice to find your way
G4/Fis    C4             
no matter what you say
D    B7         Em  C 
I am not insane

for every so called victory you lose a piece of you
the one that shows you love can be in everything you do
love can be in everything you do


look inside you
find what drives you
an       Em         C
I can't change you

(instead of em play G4/Fis on "I am not insane")


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