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Gravity Chords

Dm 			    G
Something always brings me back to you.
C	Am7        F9
It never takes too long.
Dm                G              C                  Am7               F9
No matter what I say or do I'll still feel you here 'til the moment I'm gone.

Dm		     G
You hold me without touch.
C		Am7  F9
You keep me without chains.
Dm		     G			C
I never wanted anything so much than to drown in your love and 
Am7            F9
not feel your rain.

Dm		G			C               G/E
Set me free, leave me be. I don't want to fall another moment into 
your gravity.
Dm			G		C    G/E       Am7         
Here I am and I stand so tall, just the way I'm supposed to be.
       Dm		F    Fm	
But you're on to me and all over me.
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Dm   			G
You loved me 'cause I'm fragile.
C		    Am7    F9
When I thought that I was strong.
Dm              	G	     C		Am7        F9
But you touch me for a little while and all my fragile strength is gone.

   F9		G            Am7         G             F9
I live here on my knees as I try to make you see that you're 
  G                      Am7           
everything I think I need here on
The ground.
F9                  G 		  Am7                    G
But you're neither friend nor foe though I can't seem to let you go.
 Dm                 F9                                      Dm   
The one thing that I still know is that you're keeping me down

G C9 G/E Am7 G Dm G/E C9 
Dm                Fm
you own to me  all over me 

donīt know if they're the rigth chords, but they sound nice in my guitar.