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Im Feeling You Chords

Santana featuring The Wreckers (Michelle Branch and Jessica Harp) from the
2005 release, "All That I Am".  Although I have seen Michelle Branch play
this with a capo on 1st fret... to ME, the album version sounds like it was
recorded half-step down with these chords below... I could be completely
wrong as I have not done a tab in ages but this sounds the most correct to
me when I play on my acoustic in half-step down tuning.  I didn't tab the guitar 
solo because it's pretty easy to figure and not long enough to bother, but if you 
email me enough I can probably post a lesson....

Thanks for looking.  --Medalion (
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E       Asus2
Some...times I
E               Asus2
imagine a world without you
E        Asus2             E                 Asus2
But most times I'm just so happy that I ever found you It's a
C#m         Asus2
complicated web That you
C#m             Asus2
weave inside my head So much
C#m                Asus2
pleasure with such pain I hope we
B             B
always always stay the same

E              F#m               Asus2
I'm feeling the way you cross my mind
        B                       E
And you save me in the knick of time
               F#m                    Asus2
I'm riding the highs, I'm digging the lows
          B              F#m
'Cause at least I feel a-live
F#m        Asus2    F#m            Asus2
I've never faced so many emotional days
    E           Asus2
But my, life is good
            E     Asus2
I'm Feeling You