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A Question Of Faith Chords

verse one

you left us all behind, 
Was this the way the you'd remind us,  
C   G
to cry?
how could i be this close
F                                     C
And not go through what i'm supposed to why?
is the something i forgot

     F   Am
was it the service 
F     Am      G
maybe i'm just selfish today

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Dm                 Am               C               G
and i can't comprehend why i'm not feeling sentimential
Dm   Am     C              G
is it a question of my faith?
Dm       Am                     C                   G
if you were here today would you look at me and come out swinging?
Dm             Am          G
I never meant for you to hate me    

It's not my choice to make
But who decides when we are taken away?
I need someone to blame
They played the funeral song
But I didnít want to sing along today
Should I be ashamed

that basiclly it