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From: Pete Rasche 
Subject: CRD:"Shotgun In My Soul" by Paul Sanchez
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>"Shotgun in my Soul"  by Paul Sanchez
>from "Loose Parts"
>Intro:  E  A E (x2)
>Verses (all same chords):
>	  E		      A     E       E  A E
>We have a conversation almost every night
>     E			 A	   E	    E  A E
>In a motel room across a telephone line
>A			 D	     A	    A  D A
>I want to hold you and I wish that I could
>       E                          A           E       E  A E
>We got lucky tonight cause our connection was good
>Chorus (all same chords):
>F#		         A
>I count the white lines  I count the potholes
>D	      A		    B/F#
>You're riding shotgun in my soul
>(n.c.)		     E  A E
>shotgun in my soul
>D        A	   E
>I really wanted to be there
>B/F#              A             E  A E
>Knowing you're in bed sleeping alone
>D	  A              E
>And yes I know that it's not fair
>   B/F#	         A	         B/F#
>To have to say I love you on the phone