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>"It Was A Good Day"  by Paul Sanchez
>Verse (all verses same chords):
>A                                             D
>Today I didn't break anyone's heart, I didn't lie or cheat or steal
>    E                                                  A
>The sun was shining, it was warm, the sky above me was blue
>  A                                   D
>I made myself some coffee, I read the paper and cooled my heels
>E                                           A
>Most of the while I smiled just thinking of you
>E                                (n.c.)
>No one got deceived, man was I relieved
>              A    E             A     E
>It was a good day  It was a good day
>I made a few calls to some friends I hadn't talked to in a while
>Some were happy, some sad, but all were still drawin' breath
>I even called my mom, I'm still her little boy, man, child
>I was feelin' so damn good it scared me half to death
>My friends were afraid, they'd never heard me say
>It was a good day  It was a good day
>D                      E
>This is so unusual for me
>  D                          E
>A sunny disposition's not my normal cup of tea
>         A                   E
>And if I find it all a bit unsettling
>     D                                       E
>It's just because I don't know where this is getting me
>Later on that day I found that something was really wrong
>I found myself whistlin' the tune to the Mickey Mouse Club song
>Just when I was about to burst from happiness it seemed
>I woke up in a cold sweat, it had all been a dream
>Man was I relieved, I almost had believed
>It was a good day  It was a good day
>              A   A  A-A-A
>It was a good day