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From: Pete Rasche 
Subject: CRD:"Confidential Dance" by Paul Sanchez
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>"Confidential Dance"  by Paul Sanchez
>from "Jet Black and Jealous"
>After most lines of the verses (lines which are A-F#m-Bm-E)
>there is a little three-note fill which is:
>A            F#m    Bm              E 
>  Reached my hand   under her black sweater
>A           F#m     Bm                 E
>  Buried my face    deep in her blonde hair
>A                  F#m
>  All day long and all through the night
>Bm                    E
>Both of us skinny and starving
>A            F#m          Bm         E
>  Danced the confidential dance of affair
>D                           E
>Holding my breath I slipped out of her arms
>       A         F#m       D               E
>Though I thought I coulda' stayed there forever
>A                     E
>Once I left there was no door
>A                              E
>I woulda knocked but there was no door
>D                     E               A
>Once I left there was no door back to her heart
>  D
>I know that she is sleeping now
>   A
>my head is spinning I can't keep the
>E                           F#m
>rumors from mixing with the truth
>     D                           A
>It's wonderful I whisper blowing smoke rings in the night
>       E (n.c.)                            A         F#m  Bm  E
>But of course she doesn't hear me   It's a sad life