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I Cant Drive 55 Tab

          Artist: Sammy Hagar
          Song: I Can't Drive 55
           Fig 1.                               Fig 2.
             E                                            G   A   G   A   G   A   E
          e:-------------------------------    -------0---3---0---3---0---3---0---0-
          B:-------------------------------    -------0---0---2---0---2---0---2---0-
          G:-1-1-1---1-1-1---1-1-1---1-1-1-    -1-1---1---0---2---0---2---0---2---1-
          D:-2-2-2---2-2-2---2-2-2---2-2-2-    -2-2---2---0---2---0---2---0---2---2-
          A:-2-2-2---2-2-2---2-2-2---2-2-2-    -2-2---2---2---0---2---0---2---0---2-
          E:-0-0-0---0-0-0---0-0-0---0-0-0-    -0-0---0---3-------3-------3-------0-
          E (Fig 1.)                               (Fig 2.)
          One foot on the break and one on the gas
          E (Fig 1.)                                     (Fig 2.)
          Well there's too much traffic I can't pass, no
          E                              G
          What used to take three hours, now takes all day
          E          G                A
          It took me fifteen hours to get to L.A.
          C'mon and write me up for 125
          Poster my face wanted dead or alive
          Take my license and all that jive
          A                 (Fig 2.)
          I can't drive 55!
          Well that's the song "Good luck with it"
          written by:
          Brendan Pearce (
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