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Deeper Kind Of Love Tab

Deeper Kind Of Love (From the album Ten 13)

Tuning: 440/Standard EADGBe

Comments: This isn't 100% dead on but we've played it live this way a few times and it's
enough to fake out most people. I use mutted power chords in the D-A-G progression
the end of the verses then flow into the riff, it seems to work really well. Then of 
switching for the third verse to a clean guitar until the riff kicks back in.

/    = slide up
    = slide down
b    = bend (whole step)
b^   = bend (1/2 step)
b^^  = bend (1 1/2 steps)
pb   = pre-bend
r    = release-bend
t^   = tap with righthand finger
h    = hammer-on
p    = pull-off
~    = Vibrato
*    = Natural Harmonic
#(#) = Trill
**   = Artificial Harmonic
x    = Dead notes (no pitch)
P.M. = Palm mute (- -> underneath indicates which notes)
()  = Dive wbar
(/)  = Release wbar
Tp   = Tap wplectrum

Riff 1:

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Riff 2:

Riff 3:

{Verse 1}
Riff 1
  G                                            A  Riff 1
A deeper kinda love, has no borderlines, no ties.
  G                                                      A       Riff2
A deeper kinda love, can bring you down and lift you up so high.
  Em                                              A   Riff1
A phoenix starts to rise from the ashes inside my soul,
        G                                            D    A      G    Riff 3
Leaving old wounds behind, a new me is born, and you show me your world.

   D    A         G
So dangerous, but I let go.
           D   A        Em
And when I fall, I fall deep.
       Bm    A      G
Into a deeper kinda love.
                                             A    Riff 1
A deeper kinda love, can also bring hurt and pain.