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Mr Bojangles Tab

Sammy Davis Jr.- Mr. Bojangles (originally in D#)

Intro: DF#mBmA ( 6 x)

[D]I knew a man [F#m]Bojangles
[Bm]And he'd dance for you [A]	
[G]In worn out [A]shoes 

[D]With silver hair [F#m]a ragged shirt
[Bm]And baggy pants [A]
[G]He would do the old soft [A]shoe

[G]He would jump so [A]high [F#7]
Jump so [Bm]high [E]
Then he lightly [G] … [A] touch down

[D]He told me of the [F#m]time he worked with
[Bm]Minstrel shows [A]
[G]Travelling throughout the [A]south

[D]He spoke with [F#m]tears of fifteen years
[Bm]How his dog and he [A]
[G]They would [A]travel about.
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[G]But his dog up and [A]died [F#7]
… [Bm] … He [E]up and died
[G]And after [A]twenty years he [G]still grieved [A]

[D]He said "I [F#m]dance now
At every [Bm]chance in the Honky [A]Tonks
[G]For my drinks and [A]tips

[D]But most the [F#m]time I spend
[Bm]Behind these county [A]bars
[G]You see son I [A]drinks a bit"

[G]Then he shook his [A]head [F#7] [Bm]
Oh lord when he shook [E]his head
[G]I could [A]swear I heard [G]somebody say [A]please please

[Bm]That’s Mister Bo[F#m]jangles
[Bm]Call him Mister Bo[F#m]jangles
[Bm]Mister Bo[F#m]jangles [A]come back and [D]dance
[F#m]Dance and [Bm]dance please [A]dance

[Bm]Mister Bo[F#m]jangles
[Bm]Mister Bo[F#m]jangles
[Bm]Mister Bo[F#m]jangles

[A]Come back and [D]dance 
And [F#m]dance and [Bm]dance please [A]dance
Come back and dance again please Bojangles

Outro: DF#mBmA