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Circle Of Fire Chords

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From: (Mark Schnitzius)

Sam Phillips
from 'Martinis and Bikinis'
Transcribed by Mark Schnitzius (


 F#m  E     Bm   A    Bm
------------7----5----7---|  [repeat twice]

F#m  E

         Bm   A         Bm
I saw you standing alone

           E               G            A
I wondered if you wanted what you owned

          Bm        A        Bm
Your magic ladders in the sky
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        E                   G           A
Tie you to the place where angels fight

          Bm      E   Bm  E
In the Circle of Fi - i - ire

          Bm      E   Bm    F#m  E
In the Circle of Fi - i - ire

Our madness envy and desire
Ring you with an unforgiving fire
You love them with a burning soul
By the time he sold the ashes they were cold

[repeat Chorus]
[intro progression through solo]

Fingers crying for you
Sleeping on the doorstep for the proof
We love ghosts we want to see through
The blood and bones that hide us from the truth

[repeat Chorus]

You circle the city from the sky
Watching children swallowing your lies
It breaks you but you will never fall
You've learned that love is greater than it all

[repeat Chorus twice]
[close with intro progression]

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