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con poder
jeroen b.

here i am again with a new song of salvador:P:P:P
i think they are very good! the play ver good guitar,,,

intro:(EM      C)x3
       EM F#   D
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Verse:EM              C
      EM              C
      EM   C C# D D# EM
      C C# D D# EM
Musical: D       EM

Solo: E,G,b,A,G,F#,G,E,D,C#,D,b,C,A,b,A,    (EM)< the only chord in the solo.

Verse: same as above

chorus: same as musical

ending: same as solo, but instead of going to Em it hits
 E B (F#) this is the last official note in this song

i go to my room to make more songs of salvador bye bye