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Less Than Ready Chords

Standard Tuning

  C#m  Bsus4 Asus2   E     ?
e  0     0     0     0     0
B  5     0     0     0     4
G  6     4     2     1     4
D  6     4     2     2     2
A  4     2     0     2     0
E  x     x     x     0     x

C#m                 Bsus4                 Asus2
   Lights out after twenty years of being seventeen
      C#m                Bsus4                Asus2
Did i ride it, or try to fight it?  take away everything that's important to me

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             E         Asus2             E                 Bsus4
Everything about this affair screams out loud "we're going nowhere"

Asus2                 E              Asus2
     We're less than ready to call it off

           Bsus4             C#m          ? C#m      Bsus4  Asus2
... to get away, to get away.    I'm always breathing faster now

Thats basically how the whole song goes.  it has a lot of changes throughout, and i got 
lazy to tab it all.  if you have any questions, contact me at gusteroardispatch@hotmail.com