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Terrible Tommy Chords

Dm                              A     
I've been up and down in prison, I've lived inside this cell

Gm                                Dm
Surrounded by these demons and the fiery gates of hell

Dm                                      A	
I blame my mother and my father for the man that I've become

      Gm                            Dm 
I was born into this family, I was born the devil's son

     A                                  Gm           A         Dm
No I aint gonna see my freedom until the day they lay me in the ground

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           Bb           Dm              Bb                 Dm
It's such a hard way to fall, It's such a hard, a hard way to fall
      Bb                Dm                  A                 Dm
No I ain't gonna go to heaven, they have locked me in these walls
          Bb     A         Dm
It's such a hard way to fall

Dm			  A
I got 20 years behind me, almost all that I can take
Gm				    Dm
I've built up this rage and anger, filled my soul with void and hate
Dm				A
I got no hope left inside me, there ain't no joy left to give
Gm					Dm
Cause I am just an animal to all my prison friends
A					Gm	A	Dm
There ain't no good reason why I should still be alive today 


BRIDGE - Gm, Dm, Gm, Dm, Gm, Dm, A, A7
Oooooooh, ooooooooh, ooooooooh, ooooooooh