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Echo Park Chords

This is a great song and it's pretty easy too. I'm not sure if the chords are exact
but it's how I play it and it still sounds really good. Usually I throw a capo on so
I can sing with it but do whatever you want.

[ Tab from: https://www.guitartabs.cc/tabs/r/ryan_cabrera/echo_park_crd_ver_2.html ]
D         A         D
 Today it rained in L.A.
 A           D      A        D      A
 Smog's been beaten down for awhile 
D           A          D       A        D 
 Drove up a hill where I could feel the ocean... 
     A       D     A
 And see for miles 
F#m             D          A
 Feels like the top of the world 
       E        F#m      D       A    
 Right here the world's all mine 

E       Bm      D               Asus2   A       E
 Here I lie-----ie watching the cars on the highway 
                     Bm     D          Asus2  A   E
 You're one of those li-----ghts that's driving away 
                     Bm                       D
 I'm standing in the dark wondering where you are 
                A     E             D   A   D   A   D   A   D   A
 I'm leaving my heart here in Echo Park.