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In My Time Of Need Chords

In My Time of Need  (piano)

Will you (D#) comfort (A#) me in my (D#) time of (A#) need

Take (D#) away the (A#) pain and hurtful (F) deed

Cause when we (D#) need it (A#) most there's no (D#) rain at all (A#)

The (D#) dust just settles (A#) right there on the (F) field


Will you (Gm) say to (A#) me, little (D#) rain's gon' (A#) come

When the (D#) sky can't (A#) offer none to (F) me

Cause I will (Gm) comfort (A#) you when my (D#) days are (A#) through

And I'll (D#) let your smile just (A#) off and carry (F) me
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Cause when the calm comes down
I take the truck on into town
And buy whatever we can't seem to grow
Work these hands to bleed
Cause I got mouths to feed
And I got fifteen dollars hid above the stove


Cause it ain't like it was
On back in those days
When everyone would offer up a hand
These old bones are worn
I've grown tired son
I know my time is surely gonna come


Lord we married young
Stayed where we come from
And gave those children everything we had
Will you stay with me
In my time of need
Though it seems we had such little time for love