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Phenomenal Woman Live Chords

Ruthie Foster
Phenomenal Woman
Ruthie Foster Live at Antone's

Here is the link to the official video on YouTube

This my first time figuring out chords for a song. It sounds good to me, but I 
don't think it is entirely complete or correct. I'm hoping for feedback to help 
correct any errors.

C      -       G            F
 I walk into a room just as cool as you please
C      -     G                     F 
 And to a man the fellas stand And fall down on their knees.
C      -         G                F                  F
 Then they swarm around me Like a hive of honey bees,
                    F    -     C 
I say, "It's in the fire in my eyes,
    F     -     C
The flash of my teeth,
    F     -     C
The swing of my waist,
The joy in my feet."

      C     G            F      F
I'm a woman  Phenomenal woman.
      F     G             C     G
I'm a woman. Baby, that's me.

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           Bb          C
It's in the arch of my back,
    Bb        C
The sun of my smile,
    Bb         F
The ride of my breast,
    Bb          Bb      ?      ?
The grace of my style. (key changes here - up two steps)

D      -     A      G
 Now you understand Just why my head's not bowed.
D      -      A             G
 I don't shout or jump about Or have to talk real loud.
D          -         A           G                     G
 But when you see me passin', It oughta make you proud.
                G     -     D
I say, "It's in click of my heels, 
    G     -    D
The bend of my hair,
    G     -    D
The palm of my hands, 
    G                  G
The need for my care."

             D      A           G             
'Cause I'm a woman  Phenomenal woman.
       D    A              D
 I'm a woman. Baby, that's me.
            D     -    A
 Its in the palm of my hands
 and the need for my care

Phenomenal, phenomenal
Phenomenal woman

baby, baby, baby, baby
that's me