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Nest Chords

Come and find me
In the valley
Down in the deep green
Oh hear my call

By the river
I'll wait beside her
Come and deliver
Your love so tall

And on the soft breeze
We'll find the fruit trees
And we'll pick sweet cherries
To our hearts' content
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And then we'll take flight
Up in these wild skies
And we'll greet the moonrise
When the day is spent

We'll build a nest
With twigs and branches
Leaves and pebbles
Flowers and mud

We'll make it pretty
We'll build it steady
And we'll get it ready
To hold our love

And in the winter
Our wings will cover
One another
Against the cold

We'll lie together 
We'll stay forever 
Birds of a feather
Till we grow old

Come and find me
In the valley
Down in the deep green
I'll wait for you