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Infinite Space Tab

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Date: Fri, 1 May 1998 00:35:38 -0400 (EDT)
Subject: r/rusted_root/

	Hi, here is the tab for the song Infinite space off Rusted Root's
album Remember. Play this by the campfire when you wake up in the morning
in the forest and mist, it is so beautiful.

Part A: (G arpeggio)

G---0---2-0---0---0h2p0h2p0-|	(and repeat)

Part B: (C arpeggio)


(with part A)

To attain the space I need
I lock myself in shelter
in the bush, thick and thorned<---on "thorned" you play part B till the
In the bush, thick and thorned    next "thorned", then you play part A				  again.
				  again.(oh yes, oh my).
With the infinte being my god
Walking with the great and vast
with no limits in my head<--------Do the part B with "head" just like you
no limits in my head		  did it with "thorned"
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chord progression change:

      D                 C
as I circle the human skullbird
in existing glapse of time
      D                  C
I am pushing the morning forward
the choice is yours and mine

as we all go down now

Hoo! HOO! HooooooOOOOO! hoo! Hoo! (With fart A and eventually fart B)
4 or 5 times, etc.

(Part A again)
walking with my arms at my past
I'll walk until I follow, only you<--(part B again)
ohh you..

I wake up and I'll dream of my past
I wake up and I'll sit down here
with you
only you

As I circle the human skull birds
In existing glapse of time
I am pushing the morning forward
the choice is yours and mine
as we all go down now

"Hoo, hoo" section again

(descending chord progressionfor next part: B(7th fret with high E and B
strings open)-->A(with same two string open)-->E

well I fly fly down pick myself up
with eagle eye

my love will surely be
my love will surely be

Note: an altered and louder way of playing the rhythm is to strum a G
chord once as you hammer on the 2nd fret of the a string then doing
another downstroke strum, then putting
your finger down on the 2nd fret of the G string and taking it off as
you do two strums, and then doing the same thing, but with a double hammer
on and one downstroke strum on the G string instead of a put down and take
off on the 2nd fret of the G string with
two strums. Do this same technique with the C chord for part B with this

	peace, Justin