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Wasted Man Chords

Intro: G

Verse 1:

G                               C
I live on a country road in the town where I was born.
G                              D
I wake up every morning to the birds singing their songs.
G                         C                     G
I get out of bed and walk over to my window.
            D             C
I watch the birds fly and think
          D                  G
Will they ever be that happy again?

Verse 2:

Go down stairs to find the wife that I won.
Sit down at the table and stare at my aged hands of 81.
Open up the paper to the obituaries.
I look at the faces and see if I recognize any.

C                    G
This is my life as a suspicious man.
C                               G    D
When everything's been stripped away from these hands.
G                    C
Everyone I loved has come and gone.
       G            D                G
And to think, maybe I'll be the next one.

Verse 3:
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Get a call today from my only son.
He tells me all about the city and says, "I'm sorry dad, but I just had to run."
"I know i didn't turn out the way you wanted me to."
"And I hope you still love me the way that I love you."

C                     G
This is my life as an angry man.
C                   G              D
People disobey everything I say anyway they can.
G                        C
Everything I've done has gone to dirt.
    G             D               G
And when I try my best I just get hurt.

Verse 4:

I go outside to buy me some time.
I sit on the back porch with a beer in hand and my life in mind.
Think about all the people I pushed under me.
And I guess the only on eto blame is me.

C                    G
This is my life as a wasted man.
C                              G                       D
Pushing everyone away so I can be the one to grab that helping hand.
G                         C
In my life I've lost everyone I love
         G           D                       G
From the things I've said or the things I've done.

Ending: G