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Roll Away Chords

Intro: D5 D x2

Verse 1:
D5           D                D5   
Hey, Johnny. You Alright? You seem a bit shaken.
                   D                   Bm
Your hearts beaten fast. What have you taken?
                         G              A                  D5    
Come on, Johnny. Look at me. Look in my eyes. What did you do?

Verse 2:
D5                          D   
Take it easy, Johnny. Donít go too fast.
       D5                            Bm
If you keep this up, ya know, youíre not gonna last.
             G                   A                D5
Just take it slow. Here, grab my hand. We gotta go.

Break: D5 D D5 D Bm G A D5

Verse 3:
D5                        D                D5           
Hey there, Johnny. Youíre going down. Your legs are falling out from under you. 
             Bm                           G
Youíre gonna hit the ground. Youíre gonna hit the dirt.
         A                       D5
Put your hands out or itís gonna hurt.
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Verse 4:
D5                            D                         D5
Just stay down, Johnny. Donít try to get up. Theyíll be here in a second.
              Bm                            G 
Weíll have to tell them whatís up. Donít be scared. Donít be mad.
          A                              D5
Youíll be fine. Donít be sad. Just donít break.

Break: G A D5 D x2

Verse 5:
D5                                       D            D5                    D
I hear the sirens, Johnny. They're gonna be here soon. Just close your eyes. 
Think of something peaceful.
         G                 A         D5
And just try to sooth that old crazy mind.

Verse 6:
D5                                  D
Listen to me, Johnny. They're gonna take you away.
D5                                Bm
So just find a happy place like a beach on the bay.
        G                   A
Take it easy, John. I'll be home when you get back.
They're rolling you away.

Ending: D5 D (repeat to fade)