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Burn Down The House Chords

Intro: Cm G x2

Verse 1:
Cm                      G
Gather around with your hammers and hatchets.
Cm                              G  
We’ll show these senators where the true power is.
F                              G
We’ll hit the streets with the fire in our hands.
                F                                G  
We’ll throw ‘em down to the ground and beat them with their own crowns.
Cm                   G           Cm              G
Burn down the house.

Verse 2:
Cm                                   G
Grab your family, grad your friends, grab the children in the street.
Cm                      G                         
Tell ‘em we’re gonna go down where the devils meet.
F                         G
We’re gonna climb up that mountain of gold
            F                              G
Shove their faces in the dirt and scream, “This is our world.”
    Cm                  G          Cm           G
And burn down the house.
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Solo: Cm G Cm G F G F G Cm G Cm G 

Verse 3:
Cm                        G
Get the fat-cats in their well-primed mansions.
Cm                           G
Drag them out with all their hot shot has beens.
F                            G
Bring them here to show them how we survive
         F                         G
With the mud and the blood and the lemons we drive. 

Verse 4:
Cm                           G 
Have them breathe in the air that they live above.
Cm                     G
Then tell them this is where we keep the people we love.
F                            G
This is the place we have to spend our lives
         F                               G
With the beasties and the demons and the monsters that reside
Cm                          G
In the place we call home.
              Cm            G
Burn down the House.

Cm G Cm G F G F G - repeat and fade