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Soliloquy Chords

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Soliloquy (part VI of 2112)
RUSH, of the 2112-album

(Just listen to the song, and you'll soon find a usable way of
 picking/strumming the chord. NB! The G/B has an added D on 2.string)

| D      | C  G/B  | Dm/F  Em7 | D    |  x 2
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     D      C         G/B
The sleep is still in my eyes.
    Dm/F     Em7          D
The dream is still in my head.
                  C       G/B      Dm/F  Em7      D
I heave a sigh and sadly smile and lie awhile in bed.
   Am7               C/G                F                         C G
I wish that it might come to pass, not fade like all my dreams.
Am7                     C                     F                       C G
 Just think of what my life might be    in a world like I have seen.
Am7                    C                               F                   C G
 I don't think I can carry on           carry on this cold and empty life.

[Guitar Solo, chords: | Am7   | C    | F    |  C G | repeated 5 times]

    Am7                     C                     F5               E5
My spirits are low. In the depths of despair, my lifeblood spills over.

Chords :

   D : xx0232
   C : x32010
 G/B : x20033
Dm/F : xx3231
 Em7 : 022030
 Am7 : x02010
 C/G : 332010
   F : 133211
   G : 320003
  F5 : 133xxx
  E5 : 022xxx